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John said to John, "I think we make a left at the light.
"There should be a big crinkle, assuming this map is right."
John looked over and he said, "hey, no, it's not -
"it's the crumpled up wrapper from the fast food that we got."

I haven't been posting lately.

I'm not sure why that is.

I *am* still sure that I need a girlfriend.

it's just mildly annoying that everyone I really like appears to be near-impossible for one reason or another >_< blah.

eh. I have nothing of importance to say.

(So, What Have You Been Up To, Zorba?)

void kControls::rebuildFindLists() {



  int i;
  for( i = 0; i < getAxiscount(); i++ ) {
    if( getAxisinfo( i ).hidid.valid() ) {
      axisHidid[ getAxisinfo( i ).hidid ] = i;
    } else {
      g_errlog << "CONTROL: (debug) No provided HIDID for axis \"" << getAxisinfo( i ).dev->name.get() << "," << getAxisinfo( i ).name.get() << "\"" << std::endl;
    axisDevid[ getButtoninfo( i ).getKeyDevId() ] = i;

  for( i = 0; i < getButtoncount(); i++ ) {
    if( getButtoninfo( i ).hidid.valid() ) {
      buttonHidid[ getButtoninfo( i ).hidid ] = i;
    } else {
      g_errlog << "CONTROL: (debug) No provided HIDID for button \"" << getButtoninfo( i ).dev->name.get() << "," << getButtoninfo( i ).name.get() << "\"" << std::endl;
    buttonDevid[ getButtoninfo( i ).getKeyDevId() ] = i;


That. And stuff.

Yeah, that was just an excuse to confuse people. Bite me :P
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