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A post I made a few days ago, then realized I was going to ask this on LJ and didn't want to influence people's decisions . . .
what bugs me about compsci majors
is that they have *no* idea what *people* are looking for.

Look, folks - a user does not want to be the predicate in a binary search. They want to type in the name of what they're looking for, and if there are too many matches, they'll just type more.


"But it's simple to explain! See, they look at the name on the screen, and if it comes alphabetically *before* what they're looking for they press one button, and if it comes alphabetically *after* what they're looking for they press another button, and if it's what they're looking for they press a third button! And it's O(log n) time! Anyway, how do you type in LETTERS on a NUMERIC KEYPAD?"

well, actually, folks, people do it all the time today. Cellphone text messages. Ever heard of them? They're pretty popular. And people get really good with them. Why don't you just DUPLICATE THE EXISTING INTERFACE - this being practically what this class is *about*?

And I bet I can prove that it's O(log n) time also, average-case.
Current poll stats are overwhelmingly in favor of cellphone, and overwhelmingly *against* the binary-search alphabetical option. Woo!

I wonder if there's an icon for this mood.
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